• Q. Are there any difficult orthodontic treatment procedures?
    A. No, not at all. Our orthodontic treatment program involves a full understanding of the fundamental process and only requires a simple attachment of the bracket using the set-up zig that was specially designed with state-of-the-art technology and accurate impression taking. As long as the determined treatment plan is followed, there are no difficult procedures to follow.
  • Q. Are there any factors that will lead to the patient’s inconvenience?
    A. The 3D bracket used in our orthodontic program is the smallest bracket that exists in the market (25% smaller than the conventional bracket). Due to its functionality, patients should have no trouble eating or speaking clearly after a 3-day adoption period. Additionally, the wire that guides the movement of the teeth exerts the minimum physical force required, thereby eliminating any pain on the patient’s part.
  • Q. What exactly is the role of the guide within the program?
    A. The guide, which is used after bracket attachment, is a clear mouthpiece produced with special materials. It works as a fence to control the range of teeth movement caused by the force of the bracket and as a bite block in order to help the teeth move toward the planned direction.

    Because our program involves the use of a guide to secure the space necessary while a bracket works to align the teeth evenly and a clear retainer during the final process, the entire treatment time is drastically reduced—shorter than any other conventional orthodontic programs. Even so, patient cooperation and commitment are the most important factors for minimizing overall treatment time.
  • Q. Does [company name] guarantee relapse prevention?
    A. We require a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years of consistent retainer wear in order to prevent a relapse. For a patient to feel fully satisfied with his/her treatment results, the dental practitioner must notify the patient of the importance of wearing the retainer until treatment is 100% complete.